Virtual ShaZoom!

Hope to seeing you this afternoon at 6PM. We’ll have the music of Deanna from LA and Aaron from El Salvador. To jump on, send us an email.

Virtual Shabbat in Hebrew

In this case, we’ll encorauge you to jump on the “Welcome Shabbat” offered by our friends of Limmud Galil, this Friday 4.30 PM Israel time (3:30 PM Spanish Time). They will be talking about Mishna Pirkey Avot chapter 1,.there will be candle lighting, Parashat Shvoa, etc. Send us an email to to get zoom details.

Don’t have everything set up yet?

Don’t have everything set up yet? Do as Dani Rotstein, rush to the supermarket and grab the essentials in order to get your Seder Plate ready. It’s as simple as 1-2-3! Just follow the pictures below! If you still need matzah and kosher wine and matzah ball mix and farfel please whatsapp +34 629 694 058

Friday Night Sha-Zoom

You don’t have to be alone. Let’s meet together once again in our virtual Friday Night Sha-Zoom at 6pm (Spanish Time). To jump on, just click this link:

You don’t have to be alone

You don’t have to be alone. Let’s meet all together in our virtual Friday Night Sha-Zoom at 6pm (Spanish Time). To jump in, just click in this link: Also, download the songs by clicking here

Limud Mallorca on TV

We continue with our talks about the Holocaust. Last Thursday, February 13th, we visited the students at the International French School of Palma. You can see the news report by the regional news channel, IB3. Click on the video! If you want to see the full press release, click on this link

We have redesigned our website!

In order to improve our communication, we proudly present our new website. You may fully navigate in 3 different languages, inform yourself about Limud Mallorca, sign up for events, explore our history, learn about our values and much more. Visit We look forward to reading your comments!

Buy your ticket for Limud Mallorca 2020!

We are very excited about the organization of our third annual edition, on April 24th to 26th. As usual, in our next event, you can choose between two modalities: Limud Event or Limud Weekend Experience. Need more info? Visit

Tours of the Jewish Quarter

Meeting point and time: Centro Maimo ben Faraig – 12 am  * Sunday, 15th In catalan * Friday, 27th – In english * Sunday 29th – In spanish Register at

VIDEO – Talks about the holocaust

Click and watch this institutional video in English about our talks about the Holocaust in schools in Majorca.