Limud Mallorca exists thanks to all the volunteers who donate their time, creativity and energy. All of them participate to a greater or lesser extent in the Jewish community of Majorca, and each and every one of them are important to us.

We are an organization constituted and directed by volunteers.

We are an independent and non-profit organization that works thanks to volunteers. The speakers/presenters are also volunteers and cover their travel expenses to attend and participate in Limud Mallorca. On the other hand, the rental spaces for conferences, catering, printing costs of booklets and other expenses must be covered with the collection of donations and tickets sold.

We welcome anyone who wants to collaborate.

The international events of Limud bring together people from different communities for a unique learning experience and connection with the values ​​of Jewish life. Your contribution will help make it possible to create a favorable environment to support, foster and unite the Jewish community.

Collaborate with us through donations by simply completing the form. THANKS!