Upcoming Events

Lovely things are happening in our Jewish Majorcan Community. Please check our future events and feel free to join them!



23th of SeptemberThe presence of the Etrog in Mallorca. Presence, uses, customs and decay of the poncemer (medical citrus) by Pinhas Ben Abraham (Toni Piña).Register Here
24th of SeptemberSongs by Jewish composers by singer Jasmina Petrovic and Sergi Selles.Register Here
25th of SeptemberIsrael-Palestine: an eternal conflict? Challenges for lasting peace in the Middle East, by Juan Antonio Caldés Rodríguez.Register Here
30th of SeptemberWhat is and why Sukkot is celebrated, by Shaul Shacham (Judaism and the environment).Register Here
1st of OctoberLorena Bonnín (singer) and Carles Bonnín (pianist) will perform a repertoire of Jewish music.Register Here
2nd of OctoberPoetry of Paul Celan. Jewish poet, by Arnau Pons.Register Here